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At Guardian Law Group, we know firsthand that the employment agreement is one of the most important legal documents in the area of employment law. Employment contracts specify the terms and conditions between employers and employees and helps to create certainty for both parties.

Employment agreements generally cover things like:

If you are employed, then you have a legal contract with your employer that is referred to as the employment agreement. Employment agreements can be either oral or written. Oral employment agreements are just as enforceable as written contracts.

What Makes an Employment Contract Enforceable?

Not every employment contract is enforceable, and courts have ruled in the past that uncertain or ambiguous language contained in employment agreements should be interpreted in favour of the employee.

Contracts must be drafted with clear and concise language to avoid future issues regarding interpretation and enforceability, especially when it comes to termination clauses. While an employer can limit an employee’s entitlement to further severance, they cannot contract the employee out of the statutory minimums governing termination under Alberta Employment Standards Code. Contracts can also be invalidated if the employer alters the terms of employment without giving notice or obtaining the employee’s consent.

Why Do I Need an Employment Agreement Lawyer?

Our employment law lawyers in Calgary at Guardian Law Group are here to listen to your concerns and help you draft a clear and enforceable employment agreement that adheres to applicable legislation and other crucial legal requirements.

When you choose our firm, we make it our top priority to draft customized contracts that are tailored to your unique needs and goals. With our legal team in your corner, you can feel confident knowing your business interests are protected.

Are you concerned about an existing employment agreement and whether or not it is enforceable? If so, we can review it and advise you on any potential liabilities or legal issues that require action.

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