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Defamation is the publication or dissemination of untrue statement(s) that have the ability to damage a person’s reputation.

There are two main categories of defamation:

  • Libel, which is when the defamation is written. This can include publication in a newspaper, on a website, or on social media (including Facebook and Twitter)
  • Slander, which is when the defamation is stated verbally. (In order to qualify under this definition, the defamatory words must have been heard by at least one other person.)

Defamation in Alberta is governed by the Defamation Act. In recent years, online defamation has become the increasing subject of litigation as what is often stated on the internet can subsist for years and continue to cause damage to you or your business.

Defamation is a very technical area and it is highly recommended that you contact a lawyer immediately upon discovery of any injurious statements about you or your business. There are also specific timelines that must be followed and, often, if a person who is defamed waits too long, they may be barred from taking any action.

Our firm has successfully represented numerous clients to advance defamation actions as well as defend them. Some of our past cases have included:

  • Former UCP hopeful Cyndy Morin wins defamation case against NDP
  • Canadian student newspaper settles lawsuit, retracts calling politician racist

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