Kateryna Lysenko 🇺🇦

Kateryna Lysenko 🇺🇦

Legal Assistant

Kat is a proud Ukrainian, who was born and raised in central Ukraine. In 2022, she moved to Calgary to build a new life and pursue a career in the legal field. With her Master’s degree in Education, Kat has work experience in teaching, management, customer service and logistics. In her free time she enjoys meeting new people, learning more about other cultures, and going for walks. As a Ukrainian, Kat is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian, and can help you communicate with the rest of the Guardian team.

З радістю допоможу в спілкуванні з нашими адвокатами.

С радостью помогу Вам в общении с нашей командой.

E-mail: klysenko@guardian.law

Phone: 587-315-1118 ext 112