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Guardian Public Affairs, which includes Alberta’s 23rd Minister of Justice, are here to offer advice and representation in this niche and exciting area.

We will work with you to develop a comprehensive approach to the issue at hand. Whether you require communications advice; media services; or need to interact with municipal, provincial, or federal governments; our team can help you get your message out.

Contact us for expert advice and expert results.

Some of the matters Guardian Public Affairs has handled in the past includes:

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    Our Public Affairs department provides comprehensive advice and representation in various areas, including government relations, municipal law, advocacy, regulatory matters, crisis management, communications, and more.

    Our team (which includes the Honourable Jonathan Denis, KC LLM) can offer invaluable insight to the how the public sector operates. We offer expert advice and representation. Whether you need media services, communications advice, or to interact local, provincial, or federal governments, we have the hands-on experience and relationships to make your organization stand out.

    We can assist with a range of matters, including government relations, municipal law issues, regulatory matters, advocacy efforts, defamation law cases, public cases, crisis management, and more.

    Organizations and individuals can face all types of crises. Every situation is unique and you need experienced advocates to help you manage it. We can prepare media statements, offer guidance, and plan for a comprehensive strategy to help you move forward. Please contact us directly for specifics.

    You can benefit greatly from our experience with the public and private sectors. We can advocate for your interests and for favourable outcomes in various legal and public contexts.

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