Covid Outbreak at Cargill Limited

Cargill Meat Processing Plant Covid-19 Outbreak

Defendants: Cargill Limited

Summary: Due to alarming conduct by management, the Cargill meat processing facility near High River, Alberta was the site of one of North America’s largest COVID outbreaks, leading to hundreds of confirmed infections and multiple deaths.

Beginning in April 2020, the Cargill meat processing plant near High River, Alberta hosted what was at the time North America’s largest single-site COVID outbreak. To this day it is still Canada’s largest outbreak. Over 950 Cargill employees were confirmed that have been infected with COVID-19; this is roughly half of the site’s workforce. This number does not include the countless community infections which occurred outside of the plant from workers who spread the virus.

Three deaths occurred directly as a result of this outbreak, including one death where the victim didn’t work for Cargill. This 71-year-old was simply the father of someone who had the misfortune of working at the Cargill plant during this time.

According to public reports by survivors of the outbreak and the Statement of Claim filed by Guardian Law Group, management at the Cargill meat processing facility near High River failed in their duty of care and “failed to take proper, or any, steps to limit the spread and protect the health of workers and those who would be in close contact with them.”

Management at this facility were allegedly threatening disciplinary action against employees who refused to work at the facility during the outbreak and that they were not enforcing physical distancing after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The claim also alleges that employees who exhibited symptoms and/or had positive COVID-19 test results were cleared to come into work and that isolation periods were encouraged to not be properly adhered to.

The RCMP has also confirmed that they are investigating Cargill for potential criminal charges due to their handling of the situation. This was the first instance of Canadian police investigating a workplace-related COVID death.

Guardian Law wants to hold Cargill accountable for the negligent decisions that resulted in unnecessary deaths and illness.

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