Regulatory Matters

When many people think about what a legal matter is, they typically think of courtrooms and trials. However, there are literally thousands of administrative boards, tribunals and agencies in Canada at the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government that touch on every area of our lives imaginable. To name a few, legal matters can pertain to the food we eat, the water we drink, what we watch on television, and what we can do with the property we own. Infringements, innocent or otherwise, of the countless bylaws and regulations that govern our conduct may have monetary consequences in the form of fines or even penal consequences.

Our Regulator Matters department can handle the following matters:

  • Government Relations

  • Lobbying

  • Municipal Law (Civic)

  • Industrial and Regulatory Offences

  • Environmental Law

  • Administrative Hearings

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To discuss your regulatory or public affairs matter, please contact our Regulatory and Public Affairs Department at or 403-457-7778

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