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After a person passes away, their estate must pass through a process known as “probate” before the assets and property of the deceased can be distributed to the proper beneficiaries. The person serving as the personal representative of the estate must apply to the Surrogate Court for a Grant of Probate to prove the legality of the decedent’s will. If the person passed away without a valid will, then an application for Grant of Administration must be filed. The personal representative can legally gather assets in the estate and distribute them to the proper beneficiaries once the court approves the Grant of Probate or Administration.

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At Guardian Law Group, we proudly walk clients through each phase of the probate and estate administration process to help them ensure that the estate is managed according to the decedent’s wishes. From collecting the decedent’s assets and liquidating liabilities to paying necessary taxes and distributing property to heirs, our highly-skilled legal professionals can deliver the top-notch counsel and representation you need to settle important financial and administrative affairs. We know that family and loved ones need time to grieve, which is why we are here to work hard on your behalf handling all of the complicated legal matters that come along with probate and estate administration.

How Long Does Probate and Estate Administration Take?

One of the questions our lawyers are frequently asked is, “How long will it take to get through the probate and estate administration process?” The answer varies depending on the complexity of the estate, as well as the value and type of assets owned by the deceased. Whether the beneficiaries cooperate is also another major factor that can sometimes extend the legal process. In general, probate can last between two months to more than a year.

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Our lawyers at Guardian Law Group LLP take great pride in protecting the rights of personal representatives across Calgary and the surrounding areas from facing personal liability in probate and estate administration matters. The experienced lawyers at our firm will gladly take the time to listen to your concerns so we can help achieve all of your administration goals and possibly even speed up parts of the legal process.

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