Excel Homes Class Action (Mould + Moisture Issues) Gaining Support

Last week we posted about an ongoing Class Action lawsuit filed by Guardian Law Group LLP against Excel Homes for allegedly negligent design which resulted in the early death of at least one resident of the neighborhood of Heartland. To date, there have been a number of inquiries on the matter and increasing amounts of evidence suggesting this is an issue that affected many residents of the area.

For those unfamiliar, the Yakemchuk family moved into their Excel-built home in April 2017. Since moving in their home has repeatedly flooded and/or had unsafe amounts of water in the basement. Deja, the daughter of the family, had long suffered asthma, but it had always been mild, never requiring hospitalization or paramedics to be called. However, after moving into their Excel-built home Deja suffered five severe attacks requiring paramedics within an eight-month period. The last one of these attacks sent Deja to the ICU where she later died.

A mold report done of the property indicated the level of spores in the house was “400 times above” acceptable levels.

The Statement of Claim filed by Guardian Law Group regarding the case alleges Excel Homes “knew or ought to have known that there was a high water table in the area but did not install sump pumps,” used negligent “building design” and “sealing of the exterior foundation walls” and “intentionally or unintentionally failed to provide mold reports to the Plaintiff and/or Class members.”

Guardian Law Group’s Farrell had this to say on the matter: “We are hoping to help the Yakemchuks, and we’re also hoping to help others who are in a similar situation, who hopefully haven’t experienced the kind of loss that they had but nonetheless are experiencing some significant loss, whether it be to their house or the value of their homes or the cost of repair.”

is no stranger to defending those who’ve had unjust issues related to their homes. Many will remember Mat as the lawyer who stood up for the many residents of the Midfield Mobile Home Park.

If you live or have lived in an Excel-built home in Heartland and have experienced respiratory issues, please contact Guardian Law Group at (403) 457-7778 or info@guardian.law.