Class Action Against Excel Homes for Mouldy Heartland Properties

Ones’ house is supposed to be a safe space. This is something that is especially important now in these days of home quarantine. Yet for residents of the Cochrane area of Heartland, their homes may not be as safe as they had hoped.
Shane and Kandace Yakemchuk, along with their daughter Deja, moved into their Excel-built home in Heartland in April 2017. In December 2018 Deja suffered a severe asthma attack in her room; she was rushed to the hospital where she died nearly a month later.

While Deja had asthma before moving into the property, she had never had an attack severe enough to need to go to a hospital before moving to Heartland. Yet between April 11, 2018, and December 5, 2018, she had five asthma attacks requiring paramedics to be called.

A mold report indicated their home had a spore count 400 times above acceptable levels.

Guardian Law Group LLP has filed a Class Action lawsuit against Excel Homes on behalf of the Yakemchuks. The lawsuit is open to any current or former homeowners or tenants of Excel-built homes in Heartland who have experienced basement mold and/or moisture issues. If you’ve been affected by these issues contact our firm today at (403) 457-7778 or to speak with somebody about the case.