Dependant Adult Matters

Most adults value highly our right to make decisions about our health, who we socialize with, and how we go about our legal and financial affairs. What happens though when we are no longer to do so because of an accident, illness or simply because our state of mind isn’t what it used to be? Our team of professionals are here for you, ready to provide support and guidance to a loved one who is willing to step in and act on your behalf or, if necessary, to bring the matter to the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee. We have many years of experience in Adult Guardian and/or Adult Trusteeship applications and if situations arise where a Guardian and/or Trustee has not been doing their job adequately, such as denying family members access to a Dependent Adult, our team has crucial experience in this area too.

Our Dependent Adult Matters department can handle the following matters:

  • Trusteeship

  • Access and Guardianship

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To discuss your dependent adult matter, please contact our Dependent Adults Department at or 403-457-7778

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