General Civil Litigation

Do you have a dispute with a neighbouring landowner over water rights? Has your contractor left your dream home partially constructed? Has your event planner cashed your deposit cheque and not fulfilled his/her part of the bargain? Whatever the dispute, whether it’s a botched $50,000 wedding or a $5 million dollar commercial dispute, we like to try to settle matters through tough, principled negotiation based on solid legal research to arrive at the best outcome for you so as to avoid the more expensive, usually less certain, experience of going to court. However, if we have to litigate because there’s no longer any option, we will.

Our experienced litigation team has litigated civil cases in the Provincial Court and the Court of Queen’s Bench; and has taken appeals to the Courts of Appeal of both Alberta and Manitoba, as well as to the Supreme Court of Canada. Our practice areas include: administrative law, bankruptcy and foreclosure, construction law, property litigation and liens, defamation, human rights law, and immigration/refugee law.

Our General Civil Litigation department can handle the following matters:

  • Administrative Law

  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

  • Construction Law

  • Property Litigation and Liens

  • Defamation

  • Dispute Resolution / Alternate Dispute Resolution

  • Human Rights Law

  • Immigration / Refugee Law

  • Legal Research

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