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  • Guardian’s Own Clint Docken, Q.C., Wins 2 Gold Medals in Saint John

    Here at Guardian, we aren’t only at the top of our field in law, but in sports

  • At What Point Does the Pursuit of Justice Cross in to Harassment?

    Our client and his family were falsely arrested in May 2015. When a search of Mr. Fernando’s property failed to disclose evidence of any wrongdoing,

  • Get a Warrant: Even Health Inspectors

    Our firm is in the process of handling a case which has public interest and concerns your civil

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    Not all posts need to be serious, and this one is about a bit of fun that

  • Are you Capable of Making a Good Decision? Mental Capacity and Its Hierarchy

    How many decisions do you make a day? While that number is hard to ascertain some suggest it’s as many as 35,000. Granted most of

  • Canada’s Sticky Situation: The Evolving Regulations of Canada’s Cannabis Industry

    By Jonathan Denis for Guardian Law Group LLP With the legalization of cannabis happening in Canada sometime this summer, marijuana is all the buzz.  As part

  • The Crazy Truth About Testamentary Capacity: Some Things Lawyers Should Know

    Our society encourages people to stand up and fight for what they believe in. What happens when these people become unable to fight? As a

  • Calgary Lawyer and Entrepreneur Donna Gee Gets Things Done

    LawNow recently published a profile of Guardian Law Group’s Managing Partner, Donna Gee. From a single-mother to a Registered Nurse to the president of the

  • Midfield Mobile Home Park residents lose court battle; judge rules in favour of eviction

    Unfortunately, the City of Calgary will be leaving many residents of the Midfield mobile home park without a home just as Calgary faces another snowstorm.

  • Crown drops criminal charges against Siksika man who says he was beaten up by Mounties

    We’re proud of our firm’s Dale Fedorchuk in successfully defending another young man who suffered breaches of his constitutional rights by the RCMP. Have you